Standing in the True Grace of God, Lesson 24



This week’s passage from 1 Peter needs to be kept in the context of that which we studied last week. Peter was then addressing the doubts voiced by the scoffers, and he now turns to the believers who may be asking the same things, though from faith and not unbelief. “It is not only the scoffers who are concerned about these questions… The New Testament epistles were written in order to strengthen the faith of God’s people and comfort them.”[1] He once again addresses with tenderness these believers who, as many of us might, are wondering when our Lord will return. Continue reading




Last week our Women’s Ministry Team met to reflect and share notes on our recent women’s conference, Compassionate Community, with Susan Hunt. The focus of the conference was Biblical Womanhood, as expressed in Titus 2 Spiritual Mothering relationships. As one, we all agree that Susan’s message to us was not only precisely what the local church, but also the Church as a whole desperately needs to hear. We were overwhelmed by the positive response to the conference—and by positive response, I mean women who were starving for this message were brought to feast on the bread of God’s Word and they left nourished, but hungry for more!

The following is the talk given by Jana to open our meeting, based on her own reflections on the conference as they corresponded with her devotional reading in John’s Gospel. We are all excited to see what the Lord will do not only in our own women’s ministry, but in the ministries and churches represented at the conference. May we be willing vessels, believing his promises and carrying out the works for which he has prepared us, firm in our faith, with humility and love for one another. ~Barbaranne Kelly

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Standing in the True Grace of God, Lesson 23



This week, with the context of Peter’s warnings against the false teachers fresh in our minds, we turn to his encouragement to believers. The broader context of this epistle as we have read thus far has included the certainty of the return of our Lord and the day of judgement, the trustworthiness of the Scriptures, the ultimate punishment of evildoers and the rescue of the godly. Peter now turns to the specifics of the scoffers’ denial of the return of Jesus and encourages his readers to be strengthened in their faith by remembering the prophecies and history of the Scriptures. Continue reading

Kathy’s Notes



My dear sisters,

Does it seem a week ago we were listening to Susan Hunt, enjoying fellowship and faith with all our sisters? I am still working on the clean up tasks after the conference. However, I do have some good reads for you.

Our sister Barbaranne recommended this post about single women. A Single Woman’s Place in the Church

Are your relationships otiose? (Vain. Ineffective. Of no use.) “We build and cultivate real relationships in the body of Christ when we live every moment with a Gospel mentality that directs our prayers and our desires to value Christ (and what He values) above all else.”

Gracious Speech “Our life and speech should be of such quality in Christ to reflect our growth and demonstrate our progress in the grace of God.”


Standing in the True Grace of God, Lesson 22



In this week’s passage (actually, last week’s, as I was late getting this finished) Peter calls out false teachers and strips away their masks and pretenses to reveal the sordid truth behind their lies. This passage is not only difficult to read, it is necessary. For the same reasons parents everywhere warn their children to stay away from strangers, Peter is warning Christians to avoid false teachers in the church. At the end of his first epistle Peter wrote, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). The false teachers are on mission from our prowling adversary, attempting to lure the Lord’s sheep away from the safety of the truth, and Peter, appointed to shepherd God’s flock, is warning the sheep to be wary. It’s a warning we must heed even still. Continue reading

Kathy’s Notes


Dear Sister/friends,

Even though we are finished with our study of Apostles, I promised I would continue to communicate with you, keep you updated on women’s ministry, and send you some good reads.

This week we are busy getting ready for the conference. We have had a great response and expect a wonderful weekend. Please continue to pray for all aspects of this event including the speaker, the leaders, the women who are giving so much of their time and talents, the equipment and everything else involved to make this happen.

The Session and Women’s Ministry  I encourage you to read this article written in 2006 but is still so NOW! I think it will prepare you for the conference and give you an understanding of the direction of women’s ministry in the PCA.

Here are a few good reads for this week.

A Baby is Always Good News by Barbaranne Kelly    First, I have to highlight this very candid and poignant article posted by our sister Barbaranne Kelly about difficulties and God’s faithfulness in her own life. Don’t miss this one.

Created for Community  “How many friends do you have? Christina Fox’s question seems straightforward, but her definition of friendship is quite different from the culture’s definition.”

Be a Gospel Neighbor  This was a challenging as well as convicting article for me.


Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. Psa 1:1-2