Read Through the Bible in 2018



The Christmas season is finally upon us and the halls are decked, music is in the air, and plans for holiday parties and events are filling the calendars. It seems the ‘most wonderful time of the year,’ is also the busiest time of the year. The month of December flies by super-fast, and before you know it we will be waking up to a New Year with 2018 on the calendar. Before we reach the new year, there is an important activity to consider adding to your plans for 2018: Reading through the Bible.

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Partnering 2 Remember, Week 10

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Peter finishes his exhortations concerning conduct in relationships by writing to husbands (vs7).  The key instruction regarding a believer’s conduct towards government, masters and husbands is to submit. Now, he instructs husbands to live with their wives in an understanding way, but he starts off with the word “likewise,” indicating that he is suggesting like behavior. The like behavior is summarized in verses 9-12, ending with his oft-repeated charge to “do good.”  Verse 8 is a chiasm (illustrated below), with brotherly love in the middle. Notice the pattern: mind (influences) emotion (promotes) LOVE, (influences) emotion, (informs) mind. Continue reading

During our Break


As promised, I am touching base with you as we take our break for the holidays. I have recently read some articles that have had particular meaning for me. First, I want to recommend this article by Eric Davis entitled When Your Church Disappoints. Note it does not say “if”, but when. As we study Acts, and the infant church as it grew, we see that even the apostles encountered problems. This article is convicting and encouraging at the same time. I have read it several times, felt personally convicted, and plan to reread it regularly. Don’t miss this one!

In keeping with the church theme, a good read from Servants of Grace is Yes, Christian, You need the Local Church.

Another brief article that I recommend is Scott Slayton’s Why You Should Live in the Psalms. This has come to my attention at a time when I am wanting to spend some time studying and praying the Psalms. I recently purchased a book by Nancy DeMoss on devotion in the Psalms, and I am hoping to participate in a group study on it at some point.

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Standing in the True Grace of God, Lesson 10



Our lesson this week explores the next category of believers addressed by Peter in his continuing exhortation to beloved sojourners who are to do good and thereby bring glory to God: wives and husbands. This comes a little closer to home than when Peter addressed slaves. There are still some aspects of cultural context which we will uncover so that we may better understand why he writes to wives the way he does, but, as Daniel Doriani points out, “we can’t dismiss Peter’s message as a temporary command, a concession, or an adaptation to the times that the church would outgrow.” Why? Because, “the message of Scripture always transcends its occasion.”[1]


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P2R: the Holiday Break Edition

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It’s week 10 for Partnering to Remember 1 Peter and I know from talking with many of you that the blessings of memorizing this book are multiplying in your hearts and minds. I also know, and understand, that many of you have not made it to week 10 in your memory moleskins. If this is you, Do Not Be Discouraged! Some weeks are harder than others, our lives are busy, and when once fallen behind it is too easy to fall off entirely.

We are going to use our holiday break from Bible study to slow down with the memorizing. For those who have made it to week 10, continue to recite 1 Peter 1:1 through 3:12 every day, slowing down to examine the promises and the exhortations and where they apply in your life. How is the Holy Spirit challenging you or encouraging you? Where else are these truths popping up in your daily life as you interact with Scripture, with others, and with the Lord in prayer? Settle these passages more firmly in your heart and mind over the holidays, and prepare to pick back up with us and finish strong when the New Year begins.

For those of you who began later or who have fallen behind, use this time to continue moving forward through the memory work. Catch up to week 10 if you can, or as close as you can. If you don’t have someone to listen to your progress each week, find someone to help keep you accountable and encourage you! Call me or Jana if you can’t think of anyone else! Most importantly, don’t give up. We are in this together, and the Word hidden in your heart will be a blessing to you. I can write that with conviction because God’s Word tells me that it’s true.

Jana will be posting her thoughts and encouragement on week 10 early next week. In the meantime, and until next year, keep pressing in to God’s Word through memorizing 1 Peter.

“May grace and peace be multiplied to you.” (1 Peter 1:2)

Acts of the Apostles, November 13



Reminder: Tuesday November 7th was our last class for the year. We will resume in January.

I just read a post from the Servants of Grace blog entitled “How You Can Best Help Your Church”. The author says “faithfulness” in believers is such an important characteristic. Here is an excerpt that I found so helpful and convicting, especially as we are spending this year studying about the church in Acts. Continue reading

Standing in the True Grace of God, Lesson 9



In our lesson this week we continued to dig into Peter’s admonition to us as beloved sojourners who are to do good and bring glory to God, this time in the context of our relationships in the workplace. Well, I say, “in the workplace,” but Peter is addressing slaves, for which we have no direct modern-day category. There are applications to employees in what he teaches, but there are also implications for everyone who finds themselves in a dependent or even helpless situation. We have all at one time or another been (or will be) recipients of injustice, whether in words or actions, at work or in other contexts. In our passage we find unjust suffering and endurance in entrusting ourselves to God to be prominent themes. These are themes which are necessary for us to understand as Christians, whether we meet them in the workplace or in other relationships. Continue reading