Partnering 2 Remember, Week 5

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Congratulations on reaching chapter two of your memorization! This may be a milestone for you—you have memorized an entire chapter of the Bible! Way to go! Now, wherever you may be, whether stuck in traffic or folding laundry, you can recite to yourself an entire chapter of the living and abiding word of God. I hope that you are encouraged by your progress to keep going with the rest of the book. Continue reading

Partnering 2 Remember 1 Peter, Week 3

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Welcome to the third week of memorizing 1st Peter! I hope that by now you are finding encouragement in your progress—I know I am. As I am filling in for Jana this week, I will lead you first through how I thought about this week’s portion of scripture, which helps me follow the flow of Peter’s argument. If it makes sense to me I am better able to memorize it. Then I will go over a few “hooks” for memory. Continue reading

Partnering 2 Remember, 1 Peter, Week 2

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Rejoicing with joy inexpressible

Hello Friends! I hope your first week of memorizing has gone well. Are you praising God with Peter for all that God has done, and is doing, to you and for you? Do you see that the living hope is the inheritance and the inheritance is our salvation fully revealed?! The riches of this great salvation given to us have been ringing in my heart and head all week, causing me to rejoice! And that takes us right into week two of hiding I Peter in our hearts. Continue reading

Partnering 2 Remember 1 Peter – Week 1

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“I have said these things to you that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart, I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

Jesus spoke these words to his disciples at the end of his teaching in the upper room, shortly before he was to be arrested and crucified. While he was mostly talking about the persecution the disciples would endure for the sake of following him, his message stands true for all tribulations that come with living in a fallen world. Continue reading

Time to Fall into our Studies!



We have three regular bloggers this fall. Barbaranne Kelly, who will be leading and blogging about the 1st and 2nd Peter Study. Jana Henry, will be writing on the Partnering to Remember program (memorization of Peter) and I will be leading the Acts study and will be including class summaries, updates and articles to enhance our study. If you cannot join us for these studies, consider participating online.

Our blog is a great way to keep up, catch up when you are absent, and easy to access. All you need to do is input your email address in the “follow” form in the right sidebar. You can “unfollow” at any time. Whenever a new blog post is published, you will get an email notification. You can also check in anytime to access lessons and other materials for these activities.

The “Peter memorization program” is open to anyone. The two bible studies are offered to women, but anyone can follow the studies on the blog. Visitors to our church are welcome, as are any “virtual” participants.

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Here is a great article by John MacArthur on How to Enjoy Bible Study.

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