Class Notes, Chapter 6



Before launching into Chapter 6, our leader, Jana, reviewed some housekeeping items.  Today will be the last class for the month of June, since the next few Tuesdays our church will be preparing for the Patriotic Celebration on June 27, breaking for the 4th of July holiday, and prepping for and hosting VBS on the following weeks. We will reconvene on July 25. She encouraged the ladies to hang tight as there is a lot of great substance to look forward to in the study. The Covenant timeline was made available and can be purchased in the CPC office for $7.00.  Finally, we prayed for Stefanie Bennett, the wife of our new youth pastor. Stefanie will be induced on June 21st, and a group of ladies plan to visit her in Corpus Christie after Lila Rose arrives.

Why A Church Needs a Women’s Ministry?  Chapter 6 begins reiterating the importance of an intentional ministry to women. Susan Hunt stresses, “the Bible says so much about the way that men and women are to relate….there are certain matters more aptly addressed and applied in the context of a specific discipleship of women.” (83-84) The class discussed how some situations are more suitable for a woman to minister to another woman, and the ministry should equip women in the ministries of compassion. Continue reading

Class Notes, Chapter 5


Our teaching leader, Jana, opened today’s lesson with a look back at the church’s mission statement that was handed out at last week’s class.  Ladies shared how our book study aligns so nicely with the CPC mission statement.  The women’s ministry and CPC both purpose to be gospel-driven and reflect mutual encouragement, support, and accountability. We mutually want to see sanctification flourish in each one’s life and to know the importance of discipling one another and coming alongside one another. Continue reading

Class Notes, Chapter 4



We learned in this lesson that First and Second Timothy and Titus were known as pastoral letters. They were letters Paul wrote to these men regarding their position as pastors of local churches. These letters dealt with principles for organizing the covenant life of the church, defining roles and responsibilities of the members, including the women of the church.

There are foundational truths found in these letters, and seeing these will help us to understand the principles concernning women’s ministry in the church. The Gospel is central to the focus of the Women’s Ministry, and must be the reference point for what we do. Continue reading

Class Notes, Chapter 3


Today we talked about falling in love with the church, and in particular our local church. Our motivation to serve the church must be due to our love for Christ. We read in 1 Timothy 3:14-16 that Paul will instruct us on how we ought to behave in the “household of God”. We are to “do church” in the way God wants, not with our own ideas and preferences. We are called to worship covenantally, as the family of God, chosen to be His children. We are to love and care for one another. Continue reading

Class Notes, Chapter 2


A summary of our class discussion

Jana started the class by pointing out the quote from the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible on Ephesian’s description of the church. “….a community in which God’s power to reconcile men and women to himself is experienced and then shared in transformed relationships…..”. What a beautiful picture of the church. We are not Christians in a vacuum, but committed to, and dependent on our brothers and sisters.

Continue reading

Class Notes, Chapter 1


“A women’s ministry is one component of the total life and work of the local church”. (from the first paragraph of chapter one).

Tuesday was the first day for our study on Women’s Ministry in the Local Church, and we hit the ground running. Jana’s enthusiasm for this subject is contagious, and working through this book with our sisters is such a treat. My assignment this week is to give you a summary of our class, and provide you with some interesting resources that will enhance your study. You will also have access to the outline with the answers, taken directly from the book and other articles. Barbaranne will be treating us to her observations in her post tomorrow, and on Friday Jana will follow up by sharing her perspective of Tuesday’s study, and will include some of the highlights of her teaching. Continue reading

First Class for Book Study

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1Co 12:7  To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.