Partnering 2 Remember, Week 16

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After a lengthy exhortation concerning suffering, Peter returns to instructions concerning relationships. This portion deals with those within the church, starting with a charge to his fellow elders and then a call for those who are younger to be subject to their elders, and finally, for all to clothe themselves with humility toward one another. In his commentary on I Peter, RC Sproul writes this about I Peter 5:6, “…in that simple phrase we have a microcosm of the entire Christian life.” I tend to agree with him. What about you? Continue reading

Partnering 2 Remember 1 Peter, Week 15

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In week 15, we come to Peter’s final discourse on suffering. It’s interesting that Peter writes back in 3:13, “Now, who is there to harm you if you are zealous for what is good?” And now, in the beginning of this section, he is almost assuring them that suffering will come. At the very minimum, he is telling his readers not be surprised when they do suffer. What caused Peter to go from telling his readers not to worry? His warning to get ready causes a little bit of speculation on the part of commentators, as do many other parts of this letter. Whatever his reasons for writing as he did, Peter’s exhortations concerning suffering have encouraged Christians down through the ages and continue to offer much to gird us up through all types of trials. Continue reading

Partnering 2 Remember 1 Peter, Week 14

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Due to a combination of forces, including but not limited to: visiting grandchildren, sick husbands, ministry responsibilities, and general winter sluggishness, it seems we as a team are moving more slowly and this has affected our writing and posting, but not our dedication, to the blog this week. We offer our sincere apologies and anticipate with humble gratitude your understanding. BK.


The opening verse of this week’s memory block is another one of those verses in I Peter which has resulted in various interpretations of what Peter means. No matter our interpretation, we should all live our lives as if “the end of all things” is imminent and heed the imperatives that flow from it. Verses 8 thru 11 are a summary statement of all that Peter has been saying so far. Continue reading

Partnering 2 Remember 1 Peter, week 13

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Greetings fellow memorizers! In this week’s passage, Peter wraps up his encouragement to those who suffer for righteousness sake. He reminds them once again that Christ suffered in the flesh, encouraging them to have the same mindset as Christ. He also reminds them that those who malign them for doing good and refusing to join in sinful revelry will have to answer to God for what they have done. Everyone will have to answer to the judge of all men for their deeds. And of course, we know that we are all sinners and deserve death, but Peter reminds us that the gospel has been preached to everyone, even those people who lived long ago that are now dead. According to DA Carson, and it makes sense to me, 4:6 refers back to what Peter was talking about in 3:20.

Continue reading

Partnering 2 Remember, Week 11


Fellow memory partners, it’s time to start up our memory program again! With all the festivities and activities of the past few months, you may have found it difficult (I know I did) to solidify or catch up on our memorization of 1st Peter. But, I hope you found some time here and there to work on it. The Christmas season, as bright and full of hope as it is, can also be a stressful time for many of us and God’s Word resounding over and over in our head throughout the day can have a calming, or perhaps better put – a re-orienting effect on our day. Whatever the case may have been for you these past several weeks, I pray you are ready to dive back in with a renewed effort at hiding God’s precious Word in our hearts. Before moving on to a synopsis of this week’s passage along with some memory aids, I have included a link to an article to encourage you if your resolve to memorize waned during our break.

The Absolute Necessity of Scripture Memory

I Peter 3:13-17

By now you should realize that Peter is writing to Christians who have, or are beginning to, experience persecution. Several passages back, after using quite a bit of ink to build up his recipient’s in the knowledge of who they are in Christ, he launches into instructions for how to conduct themselves in the societal relationships of their day. The main gist in every circumstance is to “do good”. Now, in this chunk of scripture Peter continues to flesh out what “doing good” looks like in the face of unjust suffering. Continue reading

Partnering 2 Remember, Week 10

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Peter finishes his exhortations concerning conduct in relationships by writing to husbands (vs7).  The key instruction regarding a believer’s conduct towards government, masters and husbands is to submit. Now, he instructs husbands to live with their wives in an understanding way, but he starts off with the word “likewise,” indicating that he is suggesting like behavior. The like behavior is summarized in verses 9-12, ending with his oft-repeated charge to “do good.”  Verse 8 is a chiasm (illustrated below), with brotherly love in the middle. Notice the pattern: mind (influences) emotion (promotes) LOVE, (influences) emotion, (informs) mind. Continue reading