Acts of the Apostles, Lesson 9



Reminder: Tuesday November 7th was our last class for the year. We will resume in January.

I just read a post from the Servants of Grace blog entitled “How You Can Best Help Your Church”. The author says “faithfulness” in believers is such an important characteristic. Here is an excerpt that I found so helpful and convicting, especially as we are spending this year studying about the church in Acts.

“And by faithfulness I mean:

  • Attending the services and functions whenever possible. Even when you don’t feel like it. Even when you’d rather be watching football. Not simply because you may get something out of it, but because your presence says something about what you value. Faithfulness doesn’t mean you don’t go on vacation. It also doesn’t mean you don’t ever get sick, or travel for business. But all in all, are you someone who is in church whenever you can be?
  • Sign up for jobs nobody wants, like the nursery. Believe it or not, if you want your church to be a family-friendly church, somebody has to volunteer to supervise the children. Even if it’s not “your thing.” I’m pretty sure nursery is not anyone’s thing. Neither is setting up for an event, mowing the grass, or other such mundane stuff. These faithful tasks are what makes a church function. And they are acts of worship and sacrifice that please the Lord.
  • Being on time and be someone that your pastor and the church leadership can count on. There are two kinds of church members, in my view, those who we all know will be there and those whom we wonder if they will show up. Please don’t make your attendance or participating in a ministry commitment a game-time decision. Also, please don’t make it depend on your faulty alarm-clock or whether or not you spent Saturday night playing Halo. Be there. Be faithful. Be committed. Be consistent.
  • Committing to a regular pattern of giving. Yes, I know you are tired of hearing this from pastors. Yes, we often ask for money in ham-handed ways. But, there is hardly a better measure of your heart than your wallet.

Why is faithfulness so important? Because it tells yourself, the world, and your Lord what and whom you value. God loves His Church, His Bride. And He calls us to love Her too. I dare say your faithful participating in a local, gospel-preaching church for a long-lifetime will do more for the Kingdom than that winsome blog post, witty tweet, or Facebook rant.

So, to those who faithfully attend, help out in the nursery, hand out bulletins, volunteer, cook meals, tithe, and other church things, I salute you as Christian heroes. To those who are not as faithful, here’s your chance: commit this week to being faithful to the local church where you are called.”

If you are one to make resolutions, this article hands us a great place to start!
I will be adding articles, book suggestions, reminders through our break. Even though we are breaking for a time, we can and should stay plugged in to our church and each other.
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